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MotorMind represents a completely fresh approach to driver training. Combining elements of gamification with visual, auditory and tactile exercises, the training gives learners a hands-on understanding of the dangerous beliefs associated with common crash causes.

Each MotorMind exercise profoundly “connects the dots” for a driver leading to an ah-ha moment that helps them better understand that certain dangerous, but common beliefs and/or driving behaviors (i.e. texting is okay while driving) dramatically increase the odds of being involved in a serious, even fatal, crash. Ultimately, these exercises mentally and emotionally challenge a driver to reevaluate their perspective.


Present unbelievable facts and force users to rethink how they drive and provides users with a reason for learning


Hands-on interactive exercises allow users to experience dangerous driving behaviors to change deep-rooted behaviors


Memorable experiences shape the way users think about driving and give them a reason to change

Hazard Perception

Identify high-risk driver behaviors with the only training assessment in the industry to feature full-motion interactive video. Hazard Perception 360 evaluates a driver’s defensive skills using actual footage of near-collision situations shot around the globe. Whether you’re launching a new program or targeting incidents on the road, Hazard Perception will assess your drivers for high-risk behaviors in six core competency areas.

Micro-Learning Platform

With more than 25,000 global defensive driver training titles available, clients can create custom programs to target specific improvement areas. Translated and localized for 125 countries, the platform’s administrative tracking and reporting tools ensure full visibility across your entire company from anywhere in the world.

Compliance Dashboard

Imagine having standardized, cross-cultural data on thousands of drivers—all delivered to one location.

Quick, powerful data drives informed decisions at the speed of business.

To help fleets keep pace, our single-source platform measures driver compliance against specific risk exposures on an individual, group, country or global basis. You can even add or delete drivers, or order compliance reports, across an entire global fleet or locally in each market.

In addition to dynamic risk reporting, you'll also receive a dedicated Analytics team who will assess your fleet for new or persistent areas of risk, and Client Care specialists to help you manage the program.

President's Message

SKILLS eLearning is designed to resonate with drivers. A simple, single-source tool that combines risk monitoring, assessment-based training and local content, the program can manage driver compliance across 90% of the world’s population. And it all starts with a message from your company’s leadership. Every driver should know how much their safety means to your company. Telling them with a Keynote Address is simple and effective. Add your company colors and logo. You can customize all of our courses to ensure drivers see your company’s name and color scheme every time they log in. The more personal your employees’ training feels, the sooner they'll finish it.

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