SKILLS eLearning targets high-risk driver behaviors in fleets across the globe. The online program combines assessment-based learning and monitoring into a simple, centrally managed tool that has cut costs, injuries and liability exposure for some of the world's largest fleets. SKILLS eLearning is a highly interactive program that puts you “virtually” behind-the-wheel. The program is built for flexibility and is available on any smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the Internet. Our cloud-based Mobile Defensive Driver Training gives fleets more choices to identify, mitigate and monitor risk in over 100 languages.

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Identifies high-risk driver behaviors with the only training assessment in the industry to feature fully interactive, real-world videos. Hazard Perception evaluates a driver’s defensive skills using 360 degree, actual footage of near-collision situations shot around the globe.


Train the way adults learn best! We test drivers not just once, but at regular intervals and in a modular design you can customize with local content to target specific collisions. You can choose between a 6 pack or a 12 pack of modules that feature local content, footage, and languages from over 70 countries.


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