eLearning for the New Driver

SKILLS is providing interactive, Online Training for your Teen Driver, that will teach and reinforce correct decisions and behavior for New Drivers!

This program can be completed in a few days and will advance their knowledge and decision-making abilities as they take on the responsibility of driving. Keep your kids busy with productive and fun driver’s training that they will utilize their entire driving career.  All that is needed to get set up and complete the training is an email address, computer, and connectivity.

Initial Hazard Perception Analysis with real-world, HD video (Approximately 30 minutes).  This will provide a risk baseline - low, medium or high-risk driver.



12 Modules Included

Hazard Perception

Identify high-risk driver behaviors with the only training assessment in the industry to feature full-motion interactive video. Hazard Perception 360 evaluates a driver’s defensive skills using actual footage of near-collision situations shot around the globe. Hazard Perception will assess your driver for high-risk behaviors in six core competency areas.

Alcohol, Drugs, & Driving

This module looks into the #1 cause of collisions today, impaired driving. Participants will learn: how drinking impairs motor skills, consequences of driving impaired and certain clues to look for if another driver may be impaired.

Escape Routes

This module examines one of the most important defensive driving techniques, creating escape routes. Once completed, drivers will understand: why escape routes are important and how to create and maintain them in traffic.

Judging Space Accurately

Judging distance can be difficult for drivers. This interactive training examines spatial judgment, illustrates how driving can influence that judgment, and offers tips to manage space wisely in a vehicle.

Safe Driving at Night

This module is designed to teach drivers the ins and outs of driving at night. Since collision fatalities are 3 times as likely at night, participants will learn: the dangers of night driving, the effects of glare and limited visibility and tips on how to stay safe while driving at night.

Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions

This module teaches participants how to adjust their driving according to weather conditions. Areas of focus include: main contributors to weather-related collisions, the effect of black ice and how to avoid traffic mishaps in snow and rain.

Deadly Distractions

This module takes a look into potentially deadly distractions which may occur behind the wheel. Drivers will learn about: the hazard of driving while using a cell phone, the most common distractions on the road and how minimize and avoid them while driving.


The ability to multitask safely behind the wheel is a myth, and distracted driving is a growing problem worldwide. This interactive training illustrates the cognitive limits that make effective multitasking impossible.

Night Vision

A driver’s vision is often compromised at night. This interactive training illustrates some key factors that make driving at night more dangerous than driving during the day.


Mirrors are one of the most important tools available to drivers. This interactive training compares two types of mirrors, identifies common adjustment mistakes, and provides tips to reverse safely.

Parking Lots and Backing

This module is designed to instruct drivers on proper parking and backing techniques. It covers: hazards of parking and backing, common parking lot collisions and five defensive parking techniques.

Safe Highway Driving

This module teaches drivers about some of the main causes of highway collisions as well as safe highway driving techniques. Some of these techniques include: safe merging, freeway speed, acceleration and reaction time, space cushioning, safe lane changes and safe exiting maneuvers.

Judging Speed Accurately

Judging vehicle speeds can be difficult. This interactive training examines a driver’s speed judgment and helps explain why traveling speed should be assessed with care.

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