Executive Street-Car Challenge

In this teambuilding event, teams will take the wheel of a car and compete against each other in a series of driving exercises. Each exercise is designed to emphasize a cohesive and productive relationship between team members, while still maintaining a competive spirit. These events include but are not limited to:


  • Blind Autocross -This slow speed exercise will test the team’s limits as the driver will be blindfolded while their team directs them through an obstacle course utilizing limited communication.


  • One Slalom -Essentially a relay race, if one cone is knocked over, the team has to start over. Only 1 final time will be submitted for the entire team!


  • Back it On Up -This exercise illustrates how important it is to know what resources are available to us and then use them! A quick “drag strip” start lands the student to a point where it is then necessary to back into a tight and compact spot. Touch a pylon and you are disqualified!