Dan F. – TexOk Field Operations Tech – I cannot think of any areas of improvement. I thought the course was very valuable. The instructors were knowledgeable and professional, and I had the opportunity to “stretch” myself and practice and improve upon my currently existing driving skills, as well as learning and implementing new habits. 

Will S. – East TX Safety Coordinator – I don’t have anything negative to say about the training. I think it was all relevant and most of all good training. All the feedback from that day and from those who have attended in the past has been positive.

Samuel W. – TexOk Field Operations Tech – I thought the training was outstanding. Overall it was great training and I had a blast and learned a lot from it. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go.

Randy W. – East TX Construction Supv. – I really enjoyed the training and believe it or not I actually learned a few things. The entire staff and Instructors where very professional and I do think that this is a good tool for ******** employees to have access too. I personally would like to see a longer course (time wise) it is hard to obtain all the knowledge that they try to provide in just a few hours. Again I did enjoy the training and after nearly 40 years of driving I actually learned something to help in my every day driving. I would rate the training a 4/5.

Tim H. – North TX EH&S Technician – I thought that the training was very efficient, really went smooth, minimal waiting between exercises, instructors kept it fun, especially enjoyed the water course. Several comments from attendees were that they were on an adrenaline rush during the course. Over all “Great Class”.

Anthony F. – TexOk Construction Supv. – Overall I thought the training was very good. The aggressive driving that is done in the vehicles is very informative, and the vehicles ability to handle it is quite impressive. The instructors were very professional, and seemed to really enjoy being there and working with us. I appreciate the opportunity, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Jeff H. – East TX Field Operations Tech – I really enjoyed the Skills Fleet Training course. The instructors were great. I learned that I had much more control than I previously thought, if I stay focused on where I wanted to go. Being able to actually practice the maneuvers we did during the course, really helped me to understand what a vehicle would do.

Carroll C. – Venice Operations Tech – The school was lots of fun. I really liked that it was all hands on. As for changing anything, I would leave it as is. The instructors that I had were very good teachers and made the training very enjoyable. They seem to had a good time with it as well as the students.

Andrew C. – North TX Field Operations Tech – I believe the training was beneficial for all company drivers. I learned valuable lessons and actually had a good time. The trainers were knowledgeable and helpful as well as courteous and humorous. We were the fortunate ones just having fun.

Michael C. – East Texas Operations Tech – I thought the course was very good . It also helped me on my driving skills I enjoyed it Thanks.