Modules & Extras


Learn the driving skills that driver's ed doesn't teach you! There are many different aspects to driving. Make sure you or your teen are prepared to take on any real world driving challenge. All of the below modules can be added to a Day One and Day Two experience. Please Contact Us to book a spot in one of our classes.

Stick Shift Module

If you or your teen are planning to drive a sporty or "old school" manual vehicle, then you'll need to know how to safely operate it. You can use our car or yours. Regardless, after taking this module, you or your teen will be shifting a manual gearbox like a pro!

Private Instruction

One-on-one instruction is a great way to learn everything that the SKILLS Teen school has to offer. Students go through Day One or Day Two with the same instructor and the same car all day. This way, the instructor really gets to know the habits of the student and how they learn best, and can use this to a teaching advantage.

SUV/Pickup Module

It's common knowledge that pickups and SUV's are naturally a bit more prone to rollover accidents than most cars, but these accidents are avoidable if you learn the limits of your vehicle. This module will put your teen and his or her daily driver through a series of mild exercises to demonstrate the difference of physics of a truck or an SUV versus a car. You will be surprised at what you learn!