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High-Octane Fun!

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NASCAR Rides and Drives

Drive your own NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway with the “Racecar Driver for a Day Adventure!” The event begins with a 30-minute class on vehicle dynamics, by an instructor with a trained racing background. Then, the class boards a van for an exciting, turn-by-turn preview of the 24-degree banking of the quad-oval. Dropped off at pit road, students are ready to sport real racing suits and helmets and take the wheel of their very own Gen 5 stock cars for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! The Ultimate Racecar Experience includes the thrill of switching places with your professional driver and they’ll show you “how it’s done” for four more laps! Come experience one of the fastest intermediate speedways in the country!

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Team Texas

Pit Crew Challenge

Trust and communication are pivotal in this event. Working on a real NASCAR, the teams work toward a “perfect” stop.  Literally every second counts! Teams must figure out the quickest, most efficient way to carry out a pit stop utilizing successful teamwork. Placing team members in a position where they can make the biggest difference is just as important in this challenge as it is in the work place. Races on the track, or in the boardroom, are won and lost because of the effectiveness of a team!   



Get ready to “pick your poison” by selecting from over a dozen SUPER CARS to pilot on an amazing curve filled road course!  Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Porsche’s, R8’s, Lotus’ and more!  All waiting for YOU! Celebrate, blow off steam, or entertain clients in your own racecar!  This is a once-in-a-lifetime driving experience that puts you behind the wheel of cars most people just dream about!  After a brief vehicle dynamics class, you will be in control of your race car, driving a 1.3-mile road course.  The twisty-turn-y track, with big elevation changes will be a challenge and dramatic, showcasing its 12 turns!  An instructor with a trained racing background will be your co-pilot for the day!

Drive Xotic

Executive Street Car Challenge

Executive Street Car

In this teambuilding event, teams will take the wheel of a car and compete against each other in a series of driving exercises. Each exercise is designed to emphasize a cohesive and productive relationship between team members, while still maintaining a competive spirit. These events include but are not limited to:


  • Blind Autocross -This slow speed exercise will test the team’s limits as the driver will be blindfolded while their team directs them through an obstacle course utilizing limited communication.


  • One Slalom - Essentially a relay race, if one cone is knocked over, the team has to start over. Only 1 final time will be submitted for the entire team!


  • Back it On Up - This exercise illustrates how important it is to know what resources are available to us and then use them! A quick “drag strip” start lands the student to a point where it is then necessary to back into a tight and compact spot. Touch a pylon and you are disqualified!

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